Filing a Claim

Filing An Insurance Claim


No matter who was at fault for the accident, many of us still put off filing a claim with our insurance companies because of dread. We dread the possible increase in premiums, we dread all the paperwork. We dread investing so much time into something we had just as soon forget just happened.

However, that passenger-side door isn't going to un-smash itself―an insurance claim must be filed as soon as all of the initial thoughts stop racing and we can think clearly about dealing with the damage.


The good news is that filing an insurance claim actually isn't very difficult, and the process can even be a smooth one if you are prepared.

The most important thing to remember about filing an insurance claim is to do it as soon as possible. Your insurance agent may take information from you and file the claim themselves, or they may give you specific instructions on how to file it yourself.

Almost all carriers have toll free claims reporting numbers and many offer the ability file online.


In any event, be honest―if your insurance company later finds out that you knowingly misstated the facts about any aspect of the accident; it could allow them to deny your claim or even cancel your policy.